Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Chequamagon - Part II

Photo by skinnyski - second row on the right.

Sub three hour tour and 35th female on the day (other years a sub three hour might have placed you 20-30th....but not this year). Days later I found out that I rolled 40 miles on a mildly separated shoulder (1.5 months later and it still hurts.) Two times the daily dose of Vitamin I saw me though. I missed my top 25 goal, but hit my better than 3 hour goal. Considering the bloody mess that I made of my body, I was pretty happy with my race. It's not all that bad when you can take down a beer at the finish line after ripping 40 miles of fire roads.

Photo by skinnyski

And I actually got to pedal up fire tower hill. A few years ago I can honestly say I wasn't fit enough to make it up. I'm already stoked for next year.

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