Sunday, November 8, 2009

Retro blogging - Levis Trow WEMS race.

I generally don't participate in WEMS races as it's really not my style of racing; I'm not into being on a mountain bike for 6 or 12 hours at a time (not yet, anyway). But I headed up to Levis Trow in July to help out with the race that the Chain Smokers were putting on. I only slept a few hours on that Friday night and was up at 5am to serve racers breakfast, then I spent a number of hours working timing. After a nine hour "work" day, I suited up for the 25 mile solo.

Race Director Jason

Peter and me

Running in a mountain bike race is hot garbage.

Kent caught me on the second lap and smoked me.....even with a bum knee.

Kelson and Jen

Kelson on the mic. He also announced Day two of the USGP cross race. Maybe it's time for a career change?

The usual look of panic and pain on my face.

Smiling? This is a rare event; I must have been finishing.

1st place. Nothing like being a big fish in a small pond for a minute or two. Getting a bi-monthly smackdown in WORS races teaches you to appreciate small moments like these.

The best part of that weekend was not the race, but it was the Sunday Chain Smoker course tear down ride. We cleaned the course and ripped some of the most fantastic singletrack that I've ever ridden. The sidewinder trail has to be one of the most intimidating trails around. I would easily put Levis on par with riding in Colorado.

Can you believe that these views are in WI?

Todd, Jen and myself posing by a large rock......giddy as hell......even though there wasn't enough chamois cream in all of Wisconsin that could have helped the chaffing that racing and riding at Levis gave us. The Sunday ride was worth every bit of chafe and I would easily label it my most epic ride of 2009.

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Christine said...

Awesome Renee! Glad to see you back on the bike!