Monday, May 31, 2010

Retro Blogging - Iola

WORS 2010 is well underway so it's time to catch up. 

This year marked my 7th straight visit to WORS Iola.  It was nice to get the first race under my belt and actually have a decent start to my WORS season.

The start was strangely slow; I got trapped in the middle of the pack on the initial climb.  Subsequently I was unlucky enough to get knocked down in the sand pit at the top of the climb.  As I layed on the ground, the rest of the field rode around me.  I spent the whole first lap burning up my matches, trying to regain my position.  I was able to drop a good amount of women including Patti from Planet Bike.  I rode Laps 2 ,3 and 4 by myself - there was no one in sight ahead or behind me.  

On the last stretch of double track on Lap 4, Patti blew past me like a bat out of hell.  Crap.  I chased like mad and was on her ass though the last part of single track.  We exited the single track and it was a short sprint to the finish line.  The inevitable result was Patti 13th and me 14th on the day.  It's tough to win a sprint at Iola when you are wheel # 2, there is not just not enough real estate there to be successful.  Regardless, it was a good lesson taught to me - I need to pull my head out of my ass and pay attention to the race behind me.

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