Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wors 2007....

Didn't happen for me.

2007 was a shit year. I was seriously injured in both Wors Races #2 and #3. I had a compressed ulnar nerve in my left hand and some pretty serious soft tissue damage in my left leg. It is now 2008 and I'm still nursing these injuries. The doctor said it might take a long time to get over the leg injury (as in years). I'm really worried about the compressed ulnar nerve. It was doing well in October, but one cold night ride in November has set me back months. I'm 20lbs overweight (I don't recall ever being this fat in my entire life), I'm loosing muscle mass by the week and the only cardiovascular exercise I get is when I use the stairs at work. In addition I started a new job this year that causes me more stress that I would like, my husband lost his job, we had thousands of dollars worth of vet bills and car bills, and my dog was seriously attacked at the dog park. I recently admitted to myself that I've been depressed due to my lack of exercise and/or lack of motivation. 2008 can only be better.

My husband did get a great new job. Unfortunately it takes up all his time and I only see him a few hours every week. This should make it easy for me to start my base training, if I could only snap out of my funk. I have yet to renew my cycling license. Maybe if I spend the $90 on it, that will light the fire that I need in order to get prepared for Iola.

Maybe I'll do that tonite...

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