Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lake Geneva from the sidelines.

I headed to Lake Geneva this weekend with Wendy and Ryan. None of us raced due to a variety of circumstances but we certainly had a decent time camping, socializing and riding. Wendy and I took a easy lap on the citizen course so she could practice her singletrack skills. Ryan did a few laps of his own and managed to catch the wheel of an Alterra superstar. Camping was a little trying with the annoying rain showers. Sitting around the campfire with good company and hot beverages was a great way to combat the cold.

Race day was a little chilly, but at least the rain stayed away. After all, most people did not want a repeat of last year. It is extremely difficult to sit on the sidelines and watch others participate in the sport you love. So I did a lot of cheering and picture taking to keep from dwelling on my current doctor ordered, non-mountain biking status. The subsequent inflammation that followed my 5 mile pre-ride lap on Saturday has convinced me to listen to the doctor; I'll be hanging up the mountain bike for a few weeks and crossing my fingers that my supposedly "incurable" condition will magically go into remission. If that is what is even wrong with me.

I snapped a ton of pictures of ChainSmokers, MadForcs, and women racers in general. Feel free to grab photos from my gallery.

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spicyride said...

thanks for taking pics. us sport riders usually don't have much to sift through on monday. bummer about your wrist. my fingers crossed its not something you can't get over.