Monday, July 14, 2008

Blog Tag

I've been tagged by Amelia. Here are six things about me that you may or may not know.

1. It's official, my legs don't fit in jeans anymore. I have been to every single store in the greater Madison area and there are only two types of jeans that fit me. Old Navy Sweetheart Straight Legs and Gap Low-Rise Curvy - both size 6 with a belt to keep them from falling down my ass. WTF. Does anyone else have this problem? Apparently they don't make jeans for athletes.

2. I think I'm having an early mid-life crisis and I don't know why. I've felt this way for the last decade of my life which is sad because I'm only 32. I'm considering a gym membership and a personal trainer so that I can (one day) see the return of my abdominal muscles. I somehow lost in them in the last year and a half of my depression. Once I get my body back, I might add a few well-placed custom tattoos.

3. I've always wanted to be on American Gladiators since I was a wee young girl. Unfortunately I'm probably too small and certainly not photogenic enough to make the casting cut. Then again, maybe a little time in the gym could help that along....

4. I've played the guitar for better than a decade. I also played drums for ~8 years way back in the day. I love music; it's such a huge part of my life. Since my wrist injury, I haven't been able to play my guitar and that makes me sad.

5. I've broken bones, gotten tons of stitches and have broken my nose no less than 10 times. I've been in the ER more times that I care to remember. But I'd rather break a bone than have another cortisone shot in my foot again. My foot doctor says I have the feet of an old lady and I'll probably need surgery to clean up the joint space. Thus I've long since given up multi-sport and running.

6. I'm terrified of getting my hair done in some kind of style and color. As part of my therapy to treat my midlife crisis, I made an appointment for next week and told my hairdresser that she is going to make some drastic changes. My only stipulations are no bangs and no super short hair. My stomach is in knots just thinking about it and I'll try not to chicken out.

Most people have already been tagged, so I'll refrain.


spicyride said...

i got bangs and it wasn't so bad.
the only thing that sucks about them is they don't fit in a ponytail, but they stuff okay in a helmet so i'm all good.

amelia said...

1) i am having a burn out crisis as well. all i want to do is move to colorado and get more tattoos.
2) american gladiators rocks. i think you are more than attractive enough to make the cut. have you seen helga on the new version?? omg roids!
3) have fun with your hair. it grows back!

madisongrrl said...

Hellga is totally scary. I didn't know that women came in that size.