Monday, July 21, 2008

Changes...let the therapy begin.



My stomach was in knots all morning thinking about my hair appointment. It really seems kind of stupid that caramel highlights and layers would do that to a person. But I put faith in my hairstylist and just let her do her thing with very little input. Hair and make up will always be baffling subjects for me. I must have missed that day in school.


spicyride said...

wow! it looks geat! you look, i can't find the word i'm looking for... fresh and more alive. for years i kept my hair long (and boring) because that's how my husband liked it and really i didn't know what i wanted so i kept it. cutting it all off was the best thing i did (he disagrees and asks when i'm growing it out again). now i find i'm a bit braver to try new things... even things i don't necessarily think will look better. but i'm def having a little more fun and feel better about myself. it's hair. it grows back and can be recolored.

Kerry said...

I like it. You look faster.