Saturday, August 8, 2009

2009 Race Season in Photos

All photos by Velogrrl, Rusty, Superfly, Gary and Holly.


A slow start....nerves danced around in my stomach...GOOOOO!!!!! and the pedal was missed.

Looking good on first quarter of the lap.....until I crunched my left hand between my bike and a tree. Writhing on the ground as all the Elite ladies passed me is not the way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Writhed a few more times on the ground that day.

Smokin Spoke

Drafting on the lead out. Had a decent race but my back was shredded by the second half and rode the singletrack slower than desired. Navagating the singletrack with the Comp men was tough....cut off and forced off my bike a few times.

Jumping on the Comp train. Thanks for the pull fellas.


Fucking miserable - muddy, rainy, windy and cold. 40 degrees in June in Wisco. WTF. Back still shredded from Smokin Spoke and from churning 9 mile mud; pulled off to stretch the back and to DNF but got talked into finishing the race. Thanks Michelle.

Subaru Cup

Nothing like going from 40 degree temps to 85+. Heat exhaustion in the XC race. Took it easy in the Super D and had a respectable finish behind Lisa in the Short Track.

Getting the race done early in day has it benefits - kicking it friends.

Women's Dirt Retreat

Got to be an instructor at the Dirt camp.

And got instruction from the likes of Alison Dunlop. We will be seeing her shortly at the Wisco USGP races.

The Firecracker

Had a good ride...until I didn't. Took a spill the beginning of lap numero dos and had hydraulic brake fluid all over my left hand. Life as a chemist has taught me that brake fluid is not miscible in sports drink....but in the thick of it, that is how my hand got rinsed. Yard saled it two more times. Lost a handful of confidence and spots in the overall. Additionally a select few of the Comp and Junior X men created moderately frustrating situations.

These rocks can Suck It Trebek. It was this chica's last race as a Wisco resident. And I had good company for three hour ride home.

Levis Trow

More on this later. It's so beautiful there that it deserves its own post.


Here you can see a Comp man who hit my wheel, pushed me off of my line which nearly forced me off my bike.... not the way you want to start this heart busting climb. Comp dude (whoever you are) I forgive you cause shit happens during racing.

I'm a pretty chill chick and try to be as smooth and gracious in the singletrack as I can be. I certainly forgive many of the stupidities that happen because I'm far from perfect also. And the majority of you are great guys who are generally skilled, safe and super polite. But if you happen to be the 25th Comp dude that day who bumped into me because you don't know how to pass, knocked me off my bike because you are riding outside your ability, shoved me off my line because you think you have the right to the best part of the singletrack or almost crashed me because you didn't think to call your pass....I may lose it and explode at your ass. So I apologize in advance for any unkind words that might fly out of my mouth during the rest of the summer.

Racing in singletrack is getting better as the summer progresses even when dehydrated and hungover. WORS 2009 to be continued.....

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Christine said...

it's not over yet the season just started! Riding Thursday night if your interested.