Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stick a Fork In Me Cause I'm Done and Other Randomness.

Went on the first major group ride of the year. 6 dudes and 2 chicks with most people sporting road bikes. I wish I would have taken the time to put some 23mm road tires on the CX bike. 3.75 hours later and my legs are shredded from the treaded 32mm Cross Wolf tires that I rolled. Or perhaps I'm shredded from the caloric defict that I've been creating. Either way...I'm glad I got to dangle off the back for a few hours and feel a little pain.

Life has been fairly good. Lots of ups and a few downs. Unfortunately Jeff lost his job in January so money is a wee bit tight. No new bikes or other cycling related toys for me. And no coach to do my training plan. I've been fighting a nasty case of sciatica and will see the PT in a few weeks. Many of my specific cycling workouts have been dumbed down to easier rides. Stupid ass pain. I'll probably have endurance in May, just not the speed. Iola is going to hurt. Other than that, I've been turning the pedals outside and dropping weight like a bad habbit (more on this topic to come).

I saw the list of mandatory move ups on the WORS news page, which includes the Comp field. I love it; this is as it should be. There will also be a very strong and diverse woman's field this year. Exciting. I'm already feeling WORS 2010.

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