Thursday, July 8, 2010

June and Everything After

At usual the summer has been flying by. In June, I hit up the Sunburst race. Originally I was going to skip it, but I thought that it would be a perfect venue for the BachnessMonster to launch his mountain bike career.  He entered the first timer category and was able to rock a lap without stopping.  He even had a crash that resulted in a nasty ass bruise.  Welcome to racing Jeff.

Yup, there he is rocking the cotton T-shirt and clipless pedals.  He has since been upgraded to a black and orange jersey that has a skull on it.

My race was a little rough.  3 pre-ride laps the day before left my legs tired and flat.  Why 3 laps you ask?  Lap 1 for Jeff.  Lap 2 for Renee and Lap 3 for Jeff again because he wanted to learn the course before he decided if he was comfortable racing or not.  I can't complain age group podium should never be taken for granted.

Photo by Velogrrl

As a tune up for the Subaru Cup, I entered the WEMS race at Muir.  Unfortunately there weren't any fast ladies to throw down with so I chased a bunch of dudes around the course for a few hours.  3 laps later I was the first lady across the line.  My pocket was promptly lined with 30 dollars cash and an extra large t-shirt that three of me could fit in.  Beggars can't be choosers.

The Subaru Cup was a fantastic event.  I had a great XC race and rode the technical shit like a champ.  Not only did I manage to finish the race this year (last year heat exhaustion got the best of me), but I took another age group podium with a 12th overall.  While I did miss my lofty goal of 10th overall, I was chasing lady #10 and lady #11 down on the last lap.  I couldn't quite close the gap.  Oh well.  It was a pretty impressive field.

XC.  I managed to not eat my handlebars on this one.

My short track race wasn't the most stellar.  Nothing like giving 110% in 80 degree heat while dry heaving over my handlebars just to get pulled at the end.  Super D wasn't much better.  There were two crashes in front of me that caused me to slow.  So I just soft pedaled it in.  But it was still a great time.

Super D - Photo by MTB Girl

Short Track.  Oh the ugly faces we make while suffering.

See you at the Firecracker.

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