Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh The Places I Have Been

In July I made the drive to the Chippewa Firecracker.  Cracking my arm on a tree 10 minutes into the race wasn't what I had in mind.  But those fast race starts seem to leave me red lined and cross eyed.  The pain and swelling got worse every lap and lasted about two weeks after that.  There were no podiums that day but I had a lot of fun shredding singletrack.
Photo by MTB Girl

Photo by Velogrrl

Next was the Levis-Trow race.  I spent far more hours working at the race than riding or racing, but I managed to squeeze in the 25 mile solo and my second WEMS win of the year.

In August, I skipped the Border Battle and headed north in search of debauchery.  When California Brooke rolls into town, it's time to get your party on.

Last weekend was the WORS Green Bay Marathon race.  I elected to skip the pre-ride and headed there on race day.  Something very strange happened and I threw down the race of my life.  I started strong, kept a decent pace and motored through the course.  At the last mile or two, Michelle, Holly and myself found ourselves in a fight for 3rd place.  As we approached the finish, Michelle started her sprint early.  In retrospect, I should have jumped on her wheel.  I didn't because I thought her pace would blow me up.  So I sat on Holly's wheel; just as I was starting to sprint, we entered the taped off finish area.  The finish came up quicker than I realized, making it too dangerous to throw the pedals down.  I crossed the line 5th overall and earned my first elite overall payout.

Tomorrow is Alterra.  I'm usually pretty terrible on that course.  All the narrow, tight, twisty singletrack is not my forte.  I decided to remove the tree hookers (bar ends) from my bike tonight. 

Hopefully you won't find me laying on the ground because I ran into a tree or find me delirious from heat exhaustion as I have been in the past.  See you at the finish.

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