Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And That Makes 3 In a Row.

At the Reforestation Ramble and Alterra Coffee Bean classic I found myself sitting in 4th, chasing down 3rd and finishing up 5th.  This deja vu moment left me wondering when my luck was going to run out.

 Jen and I at Alterra before the race - Photo by Superfly

 Alterra - The Plunge.

Lake Geneva is a fairly technical course that always gets me worked up until the minute Don yells GO.  Fortunately I was able to keep that good luck rolling right into Treadfest and managed to keep all my teeth while descending a large unnatural pile of rocks multiple times. Once again, I was 5th on the day, but there was no sitting in 4th or chasing down 3rd this time around.  4th place had me by almost 7 minutes and 1st place had me by 15.  Needless-to-say this winter will be dedicated to closing that gap.

Yup, pretending to not have pre-race, knock your teeth out on large rock jitters.

Photo by Danny Marchewka

Photo by Niki Frazier

Thanks to everyone for taking such awesome pictures.  When I'm 80 years old sitting in my wheelchair, all these photos that chronicle the adventures of my life will be priceless to me.