Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life is good.

If you have a herding breed or other type of super active dog, you really have to love it when you see this (above).

It has been a total week of indulgence. Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Well, maybe not so much...but there has been plenty of eating, sleeping and cycling going on. Vacation is fantastic. Chores have been getting done around the house, the dog has been getting massive exercise, bike maintenance has been happening and tons of riding has been taking place. Monday was an easy one hour spin. Tuesday I somehow managed to miss my group ride, but ended up riding with Wendy. Wednesday I rode with Amelia. Today is a rest day and I'm getting a massage. Life really doesn't get much better. Not to mention that I'm still using unused vacation from 2007. After this week, I'll have 25 days of vacation left for 2008 and it's almost May. Damn that's sweet.

Is Rock Cut going to happen? I've been hearing conflicting reports. It's supposed to rain the next two days so I really hope they push it back a week. I don't need my first race of the year to be a demoralizing mud fest.

I'm having conflicting feelings about Iola. My sister-in-law's wedding is the night before the race. So that means little sleep, rushing around, and no pre-riding. This May will mark my 5th Iola and one could argue that a pre-ride won't be necessary. But man, that pre-ride sure settles the nerves... It won't be optimal, but I think I just need to balls out do it.

I'm waiting on my Tara Llanes road to recovery T-shirt. I meant to order one a long time ago, but finally got around to it now. As I sit here complaining about my permanent ulnar nerve damage, I need to remember that there are people out there who have larger problems than my own. Tara Llanes is a pro mountain bike racer who had a horrible crash during a race in Beaver Creek, CO which left her in a wheelchair. She seems to be a very strong person and is someone to be admired. I'm sure Tara will pop into my mind when I'm racing this year...

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spicyride said...

i get 3 weeks vacation a year. we don't get paid if we don't take it. i just lost a week and am kicking myself. however, if i for some reason needed 4 this year they wouldn't bat an eye. i'd like to do what you did just take a week off and hang at home and hope to still use "daycare" so i can get things done. ride, just be at home, hang with the kids after, etc. it sounds like you are having a good one. i just want to wait til the weather is a little more stable, but this week was a good one.