Monday, April 28, 2008

Nervous ramblings.

I haven't updated in a while. Sometimes that pesky full time job gets in the way of my life. Vacation the other week was great. I ended it with a 50 mile road ride with this chica. No Rock Cut for me as I had mountain bike issues that needed to be addressed. When I tried to remove my old Hayes rotors, I rounded out some of the bolts. The bike shop who assembled that bike did not use the proper T-25 torx bolts (initially I thought they used 4mm allen bolts, but upon further investigation my brother figured that they used some English bolts as one of his English allens fit perfectly in the hole....bastards), did not grease the bolts and over tightened the bolts. It was quite obvious that they did not use a torque wrench. That is the last time that I buy a bike or any major part from that shop. I took my wheels to another shop and they totally took care of the rotor removal situation for less than 25 dollars. Cronometro is the bomb! I can't thank them enough for fixing that problem.

Last week was a recovery week; only 6.5 hour of training. My leg has been doing well, but my wrist has been in agony and is keeping me up at night. My knee has been bothering me as well, but I think 20+ years of soccer has done a number on some of my body parts.

The countdown to WORS begins. I'm a little concerned as my Trek Fuel is not ready to go. I have to clean out the tires and add Stan's. The Avid 7's need to be cut and bled. My coach has scheduled a 12 hour cycling week. Work is super hectic and is totally flipping me out. We have my sister-in-law's wedding for which she has sent us an itinerary for Friday and Saturday and we must be active participants for all events. I haven't been on my mountain bike since June 2007 and I don't know that I'm going to get to ride it before Sunday. There will be little sleep on Saturday night and certainly no Iola pre-ride. Rain is predicted for Friday thru Sunday in WI. Blah,blah's all just nerves, stress and excuses talking. But don't be fooled, I'll be towing the line at Iola on Sunday rain or shine. I just might be nervously puking my lunch up beforehand.

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