Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Big Ring 2011

There were some good moments and not so good moments.  Considering that I just finished up base training at the end of May, I'd say that my race day performance was par for the course.

Some good moments include eating at the Great Dane, camping with a blazing fire and consuming a few adults beverages.  Oh, and ripping some of Wausau's singletrack almost flawlessly during the race.

Some not so good moments include getting dropped on the flats, losing a game of cat and mouse and getting got on the last lap.  And of course my usual beginning of the season, slow starts.  I figure why blow yourself up in the first 10 minutes when you have a whole race to repeatedly blow yourself up in.

Yes...there I am... watching the race take place ahead of me.

If you can manage a smile at the finish, life is not so bad.

WORS cash is not a terrible thing to line your pocket with.  Don't confuse that look on my face with disappointment.  I'd like to call it anticipation.  The train is scheduled to arrive at the station at the beginning of August. I just need to find the patience to make it there.

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