Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crystal Lake.

Three hard laps, two tired legs and one orange sports bra.

The level of unzip must be proportional to ones lack of fitness and rate of overheating...that's my theory anyway.  Note to self: Keep the jersey zipped up for all future photo opportunities.  

I wasn't really ready to race, but I made the long drive to Rhinelander, WI.  The lead out was faster than anything that I had ever experienced at any race.  I won't lie.  It broke me.  I blame Adventure 212.  They are even faster this year.  Is that possible?  Apparently it is....

But those types of experiences are good for the soul.  You can waive the white flag, make excuses and DNF or you can suck it up and finish the race.  So I gutted it out for just over two hours.  One pedal ejector crash in the first lap reigned in my ego.  I spend the next few laps perfectly carving singletrack and racing within my fitness ability.  In the process I got acquainted with my new friend.

A carbon frame given to me by a teammate, a few new parts and a few old ones too.  Total weight is 24 lbs.  There is room to bring the weight down but I'll work on that later in the summer.  Right now the focus is on the engine.  My old bike was in the 29 pound range so this new set-up feels like I'm dancing on air.  And hopefully, by mid-summer, I will be.

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