Sunday, May 1, 2011

I have Beautiful VMO's.

That is what my physical therapist tells me.  Unfortunately my right Vastus Medialis Oblique is very upset with me right now.

This problem is generally not common in cyclists (more so in runners), but lots of force intervals on the trainer and skipping my usual wintertime gym routine has brought me to my current condition.  90 days of fitness was fun, but next year I'll return to lifting heavy in the gym.

If you are a cyclist, you probably have beautiful VMO's too and they are probably currently working better than mine.  And you probably are racing at Iola today.  This would have been my 8th Iola in a row.  Sitting on the sidelines is not one of my strong suits but bike maintenance, grocery shopping and laundry are top priorities of the day.  I will be eagerly looking at WORS results before I go to bed tonite.  I'm like a sad puppy that was left home alone all day.  Pitty party for one, please.

Good luck to all those racing at Iola.

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