Friday, May 13, 2011

Living a Holistic Lifestyle: The Year Of The Bike

Chef Jeff (aka the Bachnessmonster) and I are always trying to life a healthier, simpler life.  Thus I have decided to label the summer of 2011 as the Year Of The Bike.  Well, how is that different from any other year, you ask?  We have decided to set aside our cars as much as we can.  And ride our bikes to work as much as the weather and our schedules will allow.

While I have a substantial number of bikes for every occasion, Jeff does not.  A recent trip down to Willy Bike's Mega Sale increased his bike stable 100%, from one bike to two.

A large sized Cannondale Quick 5.

I will be commuting on my winter bike. Rolling some pretty meaty tires isn't optimal but never know when you might want to ride your commuter bike on some sweet singletrack.

I ordered Shimano two sided road pedals to put on this beast.  One side for clipless and the other for tennis shoes.  Having options is a good thing.

Roughly totaling up all the money that I've spent on bike parts, components, cycling clothing and gadgets in 2011, I'm up over 3000 bucks.  Yikes!  And that doesn't include the new, shiny, spectacular, titanium, custom race bike that I won't be purchasing.  But I did make a very important purchase that will make the Year Of The Bike a success.

Meet our new grocery/errand running wagon.  It can be pulled behind a bike or used as a hand cart.  Non-race weekends will be spent pedaling down to Willy Co-op and the Farmers Market, attaining all of our food needs for the week.  Don't be jealous.  You too can own your very Croozer Cargo Trailer for $149.99 from bike Nashbar.

The decision to purchase lots of extras for commuting, parts for Jeff's race bike and parts that I've needed for all my other bikes has most likely delayed the purchase of my glorious titanium racing stallion.  Although, don't count me out.  There will be a few upgrades in store for the good ol' 2006 Trek Fuel Ex TANK that I've raced on for the last few years (as in a new frame and wheel set).  More importantly there have been a few significant upgrades for the rider as well.  But that is a different blog post.

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